TINY - Laptop memory upgrade help

    Hey I'm looking for some ram for my gf's laptop, I've been on crucial but i don't know which make it is got some pictures of the laptop.…jpg…jpg

    loads of numbers on the bottom of it ....

    TINY N24
    serial No. 000211549/003
    Model 8399
    AMD Sempron


    Go back to crucial (on the laptop) & let Crucial run its scanner.

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    Maximum Memory Capacity: 256 MB Currently Installed Memory: 256 MB … Maximum Memory Capacity: 256 MB Currently Installed Memory: 256 MB Available Memory Slots: 1 Number of Banks: 2 Dual Channel Support: N.A. CPU Manufacturer: AuthenticAMD CPU Family: Mobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2600+ Model 12, Stepping 0 CPU Speed: 1603 MHz

    the above is from the laptop from the crucial memory site

    am i able to get memory for this

    Maximum Memory Capacity: 256 MBCurrently Installed Memory: 256 MB

    Looks like the laptop can only handle 256mb and you have that istalled already ?

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    to my knowledge it hasn't had any extra ram installed in it, just what it came with from the shop where it was acquired. In its current state it boots up extremely slowly, and can barely manage any tasks without it been a great chore.

    could crucial be wrong or is there anyway of speeding the laptop up. thanks

    running xp btw

    I'll see if I can dig the specs out for you

    I'm just checking and this Laptop seems to be a Mitac 8399

    Lets hope it is as that can take 1gig of memory.

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    for the higher performance for this laptop what ram will i need...

    total noob/nob appologies and thanks

    and yeah looks like it could be a mitac 8399

    I'm running Xp Pro on a 1ghz with 256mb, Its only slow for virus scanning, Internets work spot on!!

    Is the HDD full or is lots of programs clogging up the memory (Check on task manager to see whats using what)

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    will check programs that are running on it but still would like to increase the amount of memory that is in the system for use with photoshop for art coursework

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    right bought the 512mb ram for this laptop, installed it in the spare slot, then the laptop would not turn on. so i removed the smaller ram that was in and it booted up ok.

    now however when it turns on the screen is barely visable, and fluctuates from normal screen- bare visable, so i'm guessing that there is a loose cable that has come undone during transit... which i'm unsure on how to fix, unless other people have any other suggestions to what may cause it.

    also i have tried putting the old ram in, but it does the same screen fault.

    Please help

    also have another lappy which is doing my nutt in... going to stick to desktops in future as i can usualy fix these
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