Tiny Phillips Head Screwdriver

    My PS2 has managed to misalign the try, but to fix it I need a tiny Phillips head screwdriver to take the tray off. I've been around various shops today thinking it would be an easy thing to buy, but they either don't have them or they're part of a big set costing a fair bit, and I only need the one.

    So...if anyone knows of any sites that might sell them individually (or any shops that do) I'd be grateful to know. I'll put a picture of the screws I need to undo on here for reference, I'm not sure how helpful it'll be though:…jpg


    Is this not simply a mini-screwdriver (sure theres a term for them) like you can get in most poundstores of flatheads and phillips.

    Worth checking out, these things should be well cheap or even a large Asda or wilkinson

    yep the poundshops the way to go. they call them jewellers screwdriver sets. usually get 5or6 falt head and 5or6 philips for a quid

    hi, i have bought sets of 8 screwdrivers, all mini ones for £1 or £2 from poundstores (or general stores with all kinds of stuff which is cheap). they come in a clear box.

    see link below, this is what you are after.…UVS

    deal extreme also have them

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    Thanks everyone, I'll check out the poundshops around here tomorrow then settle for either the Amazon link or deal extreme. I'm surprised none of the hardware shops I went in had sets like in the Amazon link, a couple did but they were part of 20-30 piece sets which were around £10.

    Sure maplins had some watchmakers sets cheap
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