Tip for large dog owners whose dogs like toys and chews - buy a coconut (69p)

Posted 6th Jun 2010
If you have a large dog who loves to chew and play with toys and chews, you should buy them a coconut!

69p brings hours and hours of joy (aka peace and quiet).

First you make a hole in one of the eyes and they have fun rolling it around and dropping it to get the coconut water out - yummy treat number 1.
Then if they are clever they try and open it by dropping it on a hard surface.
If they cannot open it themselves, help them by cracking it open. Take most of the coconut flesh out for yourselves and leave a bit on for the dog - my dog loves it - yummy treat number 2.
Then they have the fun of chewing/grinding/flossing/cracking the shells - treat number 3.

I dropped a coconut shell and my dog took it and had a lovely time which is how I first came across it, I looked it up online to see if it was dog-friendly and yep, no problems and the shell is supposed to be really good for their teeth and the husky bits give a good flossing.

My dog can get a funny tummy with some treats which are too rich, but no problems with this. A great outside treat for your dog.
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