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Found 16th Dec 2014
Just a quick tip for those with multiple amex cards. Some may be aware already, it may have been posted in the past but just in case.

If you manage to grab an amex card member deal £xx credit for £xx spend, be it through cardmemberoffers or foursquare you can split your payments, they dont need to be separate transactions.


I just bought a ps4, deal posted last week that went over 1500 degrees,
Ps4 console + gta v + far cry 4 + last of us remembered from argos. The deal cost £349.99 , a really good deal in itself. I got it for £256.24 which includes a private 3rd party cashback rate of 8%. Even without that would have been £271.99

How? 3 amex cards, each registered for the latest argos deal of £25 credit for £50 spend, all 3 cards registered for oncashback through TCB at 2%.

Rather than making 3 separate purchases with each card to purely "use" the offers, I wanted this ps4 deal. Argos as well as pretty much any other retailer will allow you to split a single purchase using multiple cards. Each of these split payments will count as a single transaction, qualifying you for promotional credit offers.
My breakdown
£197 gift card paying 8% cashback
£51 amex 1 £25 credit
£51 amex 2 £25 credit
£50.99 amex 3 £25 credit

Each separate amex card can also be registered on a single topcashback account paying 2% per transaction/card, so roughly £1 off per card.

You can apply this amex and argos example to pretty much any amex and retailer offer.

Theres always alot of different offers on which are hard to combine, this is by far one of the best ways to do it, just food for thought for anyone with multiple amex cards the next a credit offer comes up.

For the record, all credits were verified within an hour of purchasing.

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Nice tips.

I have had to close my amex gold charge cards recently due to the annual fee so currently only have a BA Amex card but looking to get multiple cards again to maximise the offers.

Edit: OP how do you split the card transactions online @ argos?
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Sorry should have clarified, youll only be able to split instore, argos, currys etc.. Allow you to reserve online so you get the best of both worlds by combining 3rd party cashback with instore credit. Remember to check whether the amex credit is online or instore. e.g recent costco is online only, so wouldnt work with splitting
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