TIP: How to get live HUKD updates without being email spammed (Firefox + Live Bookmarks + LiveClick Extension)

    A while ago I started using this method, and I think its really good. Although HUKD will email you every single deal, that is sometimes a bit overkill.

    However, using the method below, you can get live updates in your browser, while you surf other sites.

    You need:

    Firefox (v3 recommended, any will do)
    Firefox Extension "Liveclick"

    Heres how you do it:

    1) Install Firefox ( )

    2) Install LiveClick Firefox addon (…499 )

    3) Create a custom RSS feed on the HUKD site in the usual way (…ngs ) or just borrow my own RSS feed (…one )

    4) Clicking this created link in Firefox will take you to the feed, with a message at the top asking how you want to save your feed. Choose "Live Bookmarks", and in the popup box, make sure you save it to the "Bookmarks Toolbar" folder, and give it a name that you are happy with.

    5) Now click on the Tools menu at the top, and select Addons. Click on Extensions, and find LiveClick in the list, and click on it. Press the Options button.

    Most of these options are straight forward, but here's how I set mine up:

    General Tab

    Updating Live Bookmarks - 5 minutes.

    Icons: Display favicons: Ticked

    Menus Tab

    Left Click - Do nothing
    Middle Click - Do nothing
    Right Click - Do nothing

    Common commands: Bottom
    Show Open Location: Unticked
    Show Open Feed: Ticked
    Show Open Unread Items in Tabs: Unticked
    Show Mark all items as read: Unticked
    Keep Menu open: Unticked


    Mark all items as read
    Mark all items as read
    Mark all live bookmarks as read


    Orange | Orange
    Normal | Normal
    Normal | Normal

    Monitors Tab:

    When a monitored live bookmark has new items: Alert me


    Just Tick the name you gave to the Hot UK Deals feed

    Alert: 1 item - Open newest item, mark all items as read (change this to suit)
    Multiple: Open Feed, mark all items as read

    Autoloading: Not required unless set elsewhere (changes make no difference)

    Tag: Leave as set.


    What you get:

    Auto updating live bookmark
    Colour coded live bookmark, orange are unread deals.
    Popup box in the bottom corner when new deal is updatred, telling you how many new items


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    See one feed is orange because it has new entries.
    When clicking on a live bookmark, you get a list of deals/stories. Unread ones are displayed in orange. Note: I used a BBC News feed for this, as I was too impatient to wait for someone to post a new deal!
    Finally here is the popup message that appears if the feed contains new items on its 5 min check....

    THanks for this step by step, never even realised that this could be done! , will try when i get home, sounds like a proper HUKD addicts method rep given

    shouldnt this be in misc?

    very helpful of u thanks

    Original Poster Banned


    THanks for this step by step, never even realised that this could be … THanks for this step by step, never even realised that this could be done! , will try when i get home, sounds like a proper HUKD addicts method rep given

    Thanks - I went really basic in case people needed the step by step.

    If you are ok with installing firefox and extensions, you can generally work it all out yourself, and don't need to use my settings either. It does seem a little wordy now!

    Original Poster Banned

    Updated with images. Thanks for moving to correct place mods!

    Original Poster Banned

    Bumping this for the evening crowd - I do think its really useful, and if anyone needs help setting it up, feel free to PM me. I've got so many time-limited deals using this method!

    Very useful Vibeone, thanks. Rep added

    Original Poster Banned

    Wow emma... you have some serious rep power!


    Wow emma... you have some serious rep power!

    Yep And I give it out when deserved

    Original Poster Banned

    Well thank you I appreciate it - even though normally you ban me lots :P hehe.
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