Tip: Learn to pick pence in stride or don't bother

    My misc deal tip of the day.

    I'm sure everyone has had their mum/parent/relative/annoying sister reprimand them for ignoring a penny on the street which inevitably leads to the saying look after the pence and the pounds take care of themselves.

    Well it may seem thrifty to pick those pence while strolling the streets however this is not a good idea unless you have practiced picking pence in stride. Unless you can pick a penny in less time than listed below you are failing to make minimum wage:

    10.6 seconds for under 18
    7.8 seconds for 18-21
    6.5 seconds for 22 and older

    I would suggest practicing today as it's a Saturday so you will probably not be working anyway.





    Might give it a go if I'm dying of boredom

    10.6 seconds for under 18

    Well if the governments to be believed on under-age drinking, that looks quite achievable. Most of them will be crawling up the road ****** so are closer to their target:w00t:

    i have, out side my house, on the curb, araldited a 20p coin, i can see it from living room window and it always makes me smile when i see someone new stoop for it then look sheepish when it doesnt lift. i know someone will chip it up sooner or later but then i will just do another one, hours of fun for little outlay. for best results i recommend watching the postman

    the best one was when I was working in a bar in Ibiza, we glued a 2 euro coin to the drop tray of the fruity, every time people walked up to it they would try and sneakily take it out, never worked though, rofl

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