TIP : When buying any of the 'xx.xx with any other item' offers @ Game

I was in Game with a friend yesterday, they got a couple of Wii games and I got a PS3 remote and random £1.99 item.

Anyway got to checkout and the assistant pointed out I could combine my remote with my friends Wii games but they could be put through as 2 seperate transactions, so we could both pay seperate.

Hope that made sense? Not sure if it would work in a cash transaction, can't see why not..


Thanks :thumbsup:

Clear as mud :?

what the chuffing nora?

With all the best will in the world, I can't see what the offer/deal is at all.

How did you benefit in this transaction?


P.S. Did you actually buy something you wanted for the £1.99 that or was it really 'Random' as in a lucky dip?


who expired this? I cant vote cold now lol


Thank You for reassuring me that i shall retain my faith in Labour. This is what we get for the Education act from Labour. I hope you the best in the forseeable future. I, for one did not have the chance to study in England as i came bundled in a Lorry from Germany, I originally descent from Iraq, (Kurd).What about yourself?

I appreicate your deal, although i fail to understand it; though they say its the thought that count.





im guessing that on a card there has to be a minimum payment to take place?
like you cant purchase something less than a fiver on the card?

so im assuming the OP is saying that rather than buy a ps3 remote and anything else random, to make the total a fiver,

if the staff member are sound, you can jus add it to something your mate buys, yet still pay separately for it.

not a deal or anything to be honest


Moved to MISC as it's a 'Tip' & it was getting a little chilly in here ;-)


Moved to MISC as it's a 'Tip' & it was getting a little chilly in here ;-)

Can you clarify what the young lad was saying?

I've got it!
If you go into a shop to buy some things - give some of it to your friend as he pays for his stuff...
then you pay for your stuff and it is cheaper as your friend paid for the rest ???


lol just brilliant!!!!!!

but what does it mean:w00t:
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