Tip: When filling in forms - DO NOT ABBREVIATE 2020

Posted 7th Jan
Hi peeps. Now, don't give me 'stick' for this but I just read an article and it gave me pause for thought - so I thought I'd pass it on as a 'consideration' to my HUKD colleagues, both learned and maybe not-so.

This year, it is advised when filling in forms (more so by hand) to not shorten/abbreviate the year 2020 to simply "20" as it is very easy for this to be changed by unscrupulous people.


You might fill in a contract with the date - 15/1/20

This could be altered easily to 15/1/2009 by someone adding 09 onto the end. As you can appreciate, this 'may' cause you an issue if attention were to be drawn to this fact - such as a legal issue. Especially as your signature will also be on the form too.

So, please don't shoot the messenger! I didn't think of this personally so it was one of those "Oh, yeah..." moments. Deffo worth remembering.

Kind regards, Phsy.
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I won't shoot you even though you are the messenger.
Phsycronix07/01/2020 14:11

Hehe. [Image]

Count yourself lucky because I'm always up for a bit of messenger shooting
I will do the same with my Virgin contract so i can get out of it early....
Printed forms should have the date printed or created somewhere on it. Unless its something not legally binding. Court would throw out something that didn't have creation date on. That's what I thought. Just been looking around at forms and so far they all have dates. I guess this won't stop the fraudsters so don't be low hanging fruit and write 2020 is what the op is saying. Noted. Will do...
I actually appreciate the the heads up
So that’s why all my policies last year were somehow dated 1998!
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