tip winning shares to win financial times prize - entries close 22nd jan, 2023

Posted 19th Jan 2023
3 winners win trip to financial times offices and worldwide publicity (in the paper).

...To join in, you need to select five stocks and decide whether you want to go "long" (betting the price will rise) or "short" (betting the price will fall). The deadline for entries is midnight (GMT) on Sunday January 22 2023.

You must pick individual stocks from the alphabetical list provided. The list contains stocks from the FTSE All Share, NYSE, Nasdaq, Stoxx 600 and Nikkei 225. Once you click on the list and start typing the first letter of your desired company, the list will jump to all companies beginning with that letter to make selection easier. The list shows each company's name and corresponding ticker.

You can only pick individual companies, not investment funds. Entrants who pick fewer than five companies - or pick the same company more than once - will be disqualified from the competition.
If you want to go long or short on a commodity, say oil, you must find a listed stock that will act as a proxy for that (eg BP or Shell). Investment trusts, funds and equity warrants are not allowed.

The winner is the portfolio that has generated the highest overall return between the start date of January 23 and December 31 2023. This will be calculated by adding up the annual percentage loss or gain of each five stock picks and dividing it by five. Currency movements are not taken into account...

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    I wouldn't mind - a year long competition though.
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    Too long and the prize is awful
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