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Found 2nd Nov 2017
Hi Guys - was just hoping to see if any members can share a few tips for being able to get cheap holiday flights.

Im off to Benidorm for 4 days in April next year, theres quite alot of us going and ive found it interesting how lots of people are paying different prices to go on the same day. ( Some are flying from Leeds, some from Doncaster and some from East Midlands, so different times, flight companies and destinations).
We have booked today and its cost me £170 - i did the whole checking Sky Scanner thing then went to the best companies website direct, based on cost and flight times.
Some of the guys who booked a few month ago managed to get return flights for just £90

I'm hoping next year Me and the Mrs can get away for a couple of 3/4 day breaks, possibly to Majorca and then a city break, maybe Paris or Amsterdam etc.

I have seen lots of people talk about getting flights for just £39 sometimes - how is the best way to get these very cheap flights - also are these very cheap flights often very bad times such as flying at 3am etc or do they come with any draw backs???

Any advice would be great as id love to get some cheap flights booked somewhere and become abit more savvy at the whole thing.
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You're already doing the right thing by checking skyscanner (especially if you look at the bar chart for that month for outbound and return). Unfortunately April is always high over the Easter school holidays (on a par sometimes with the 6week hols in August)
I regularly fly to Spain and use either EasyJet to Alicante or Ryanair to Murcia depending on which is cheapest. I book as far in advance as possible (sometimes on the day of seat release), sometimes I'll monitor the flight prices and then jump in to get a price I'm happy with.
Being flexible on dates and departure/arrival airports is the best way to get the cheapest fares.
The cheap flights under £40 are often flights during the day not before 7am or after 10pm. I can't say there are any drawbacks in booking the cheaper fares.

If you want help in looking, post where you want to fly to and from, how many travelling and rough dates and I'll see if I can help you find any low fares.
That’s excellent Toptrumpet many thanks for your help.
I will drop you a message once we are ready to book our break and will see if you can find a better deal than what we have found.
Much appreciated, Nick
save the search on skyscanner and they email when it goes down

I generally register on the airlines websites so you get notification of when the dates go on sale. I normally book as soon as they appear and rarely pay above £100-£120 for return flights including suitcase and extra leg room to Malaga, crete, canaries.
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Ok - so I know every flight will be different, but as a rule of thumb are flights generally cheaper when they are first released then the prices tend to go up closer to the flight date??
In the main yes. Taking the school holidays out of the equation, the airlines start releasing their seats at an offer price and then closely monitor the number of times the flight is searched and ultimately booked. The seat prices are offered in groupings or 'buckets' probably 12 at a time at one price and then when those sell the next set of 'buckets' will go on sale normally at a higher price depending on their research as at that date. (That's why on Easy Jet they say only 4 seats remaining at this price before the next set of 'buckets' become available).
If the seats are not being sold or nobody is searching for them the airlines may reduce the prices to encourage people to buy. EasyJet used to offer a refund by way of voucher if the prices went down but no longer offer this anymore.
Regarding school holidays - they know historically that the flights will always be full and therefore start offering the seats at high prices.
yes, prices are usually higher the nearer the flight date you book.
You just need to keep checking the websites daily
Easyjet have specific dates they release their next tranch of flights on - if you know it’s coming and log on as soon as they go on sale (a bit like buying concert tickets) then you get the cheapest they are going to be. I got flights to Italy for £30 each, an hour later they were £90 each.

Outside of this kind of flight buying - Tuesday seems to be the cheapest day of the week for companies that change prices daily, plus clearing your cookies on your computer before searching again often results in a slightly cheaper flight.
This is the website page for EasyJet release date notification as @bluep suggests. I have it saved on my homepage so I can be ahead of the game. Flights normally released between 5&6.30 am on release date
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Ok guys some very useful info thanks.
My last question then is this... I live in the South Yorkshire area and my preferred airports to go from are Leeds, Doncaster and East Midlands.
If you take for example Leeds airport - I know that Jet2 do a lot of flights out of Leeds. But how would I know when they released their “first batch of flights” for a destination? Do they for example release them on a certain date or do you need to sign up for emails from Jet 2 so they can notify you once their first batch of flights/ cheapest flights are being released???
According to MSE, jet2 release their seats 12 to 18 months before departure. They recommend liking their Facebook page and signing up to their Newsletter
Jet2 also do rain check vouchers, I'm not sure what they are and how you get them but quite often find fellow hunkers on here asking for them.
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