tips and must have bits and bobs for linx tablet owners

Found 13th Jan 2015
I'm no wizz by any means but i thought I'd make a list of some helpful bits ive disvovered for the linx tablet and hopefully a few people will add to it for the benefit of all:)

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1.get an "otg" on the go adaptor from eBay for pound or two this will enable to to add normal sized USB accessories.

2.get a USB port expansion hub...again these are easily and cheaply available on eBay and will turn your single USB input into multiple ones ranging from 4 usb inputs at about £1.89 to 10 USB inputs around £4.99

3.get a lazer mouse in poundland for .......£1
the touch screen is great but when things get a bit fiddly a mouse is very handily and can help of you get locked in a screen with no touch options to get out again
4. get £1 stand in pound world
5.get a keyboard case of eBay or amazon for under £11....loads available and will help if you plan to use your office subscription.
6. get a micro HDMI to HDMI lead.....(off you know where/lol) to connect to your HD television... again fairly cheap and the longer you get the further obviously you can take the tablet from the t.v. ... a 5 metre one should be less than £5
7.get a micro HDMI to HDMI adaptor... this means if its awkward to get at the back of your tv ..you can simply unplug an existing hdmi lead from a dvd or games console/attatch the adapter and connect to your linx tablet...

phew...think that all do for now feel free to jump in

I use a Bluetooth keyboard which is great. Just looking for a good Bluetooth mouse - any suggestions ?
I use an OTG cable and hub, but there is a limit to how many things you can use, due to the available power from the USB port. I have a Belkin powered hub which I have not tried yet, but I am hoping will be able to power a bus powered portable HDD. Will report back.
The downside with plugging anything to the USB port is that you limit the time you can use the tablet as you are running from battery only. Have not tried charging through the OTG cable, not sure it is possible - anyone else tried it?
We got OTG cables in the box with both our Linx 7's, if I need to I use Mouse With Out borders or the program that gives you a mouse pointer with a pretend touchpad.. Also have start8 installed to add back the full wi does start menu
download steam and origin (games websites) and try a few demos you might surprised what will work....I got grid off steam running on ultra low settings and Fifa 14 on the highest from origin ...I then bought the full game for £7.49 as it worked so well..

try a game controller ..I borrowed my makes x box 360 one and It plugged in /set it self up hassle free and played grid and fifa14 great
cheers guys..interested to see how the powered hub goes
Ill just add you can also use Touch Screen Supported Steam Games

I already owned Halo: Spartan Assault and it runs very well with touch screen on the Linx.
I thought a blue tooth keyboard would eat the battery up more quickly than u USB one ? maybe I thought wrong lol
I bought a Samsonite case (Poundland) and cut out the tiniest hole for the AC adapter. Put it in upside down to accomodate the Windows button (though there's other ways to get to the Windows/Start button with Classic Shell installed). I kept the screen protector on and just peeled off the sticker on top of it. Not bothered about the camera being covered as it's pants anyway


Some accessories for the Linx 10 would be very welcome: the majority of chatter on HUKD seems to be for the Linx 7 and 8 Bookmarking this in anticipation
ha... I seen someone on hukd put an alternative keyboard case on
...seemed OK £20ish
for the ten inch one
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