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Hi guys,
Would like to get an used MacBook Air soon. What are some things I need to watch out for before buying? Just trying get a list so I know what I'm looking for.

-Check list: I imagine it would be good idea to test the audio jack, wifi, bluetooth, USB ports, charging port (connection), check the screen (for bright-marks/imprefections), speaker (for crackling), trackpad (that doesn't get stuck), keypad (for non-functional keys), the hinge (or general bumps), excessive heat/fan noise, and generally signs of liquid damage, etc. Did I miss something?

-Repair: hopefully won't need the warranty coverage. I have only really used Dell/HP/ThinkPad repair before - not sure how the Apple limited warranty is different, especially for used MacBook AIr?

When I type the serial number of the Air, which I'm interested in into Apple warranty site - the repairs& service coverage shows as "active" (though the used store that has the item says they do not have the original invoice - which I guess is normal for them). Though if a MacBook doesn't come with the original invoice from Apple (just one from the used goods store) - and should something happen, a few month from now - would Apple generally/usually uphold the warranty coverage? Would be grateful to hear your experience

-Battery: Once a system has been reset - does the battery count reset? (trying to work out a way to know the real charge cycle). All these stores seem to reset the MacBooks - hence I'm just wondering if the count is accorate.

Much appreciated,
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The warranty follows the computer. Before anyone says anything, I have been told this by Apple via chat as I sold a Mac and buyer wanted me to transfer the Applecare but Apple told me they just look at the serial number to check warranty coverage.

Can always ask for the receipt to the seller for piece of mind.
I reset mine before sending it and the battery counter didn't reset. If that helps.
Try and get one with an SSD or it’ll be slow as a turtle.
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