Tips for finding cheap fares between Birmingham and London on 23/5

    Ticket prices aint exactly cheap. Probably because of it being a Saturday.

    Anyone know how to get fares cheaper at all?



    lol, use national express? Sorry love, I think they go up closer to the date so you'd be better booking em now, the only way you really get trains cheap is booking plenty in advance I'm afraid

    You could always look at transferring into nottingham or the new parkway station etc and seeing if you can get it cheaper that way, but all depends on what you're looking for-direct trains etc.

    yeh, 'split-ticketing' is usually significantly cheaper, and buy early

    Get a coach;


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    Get a coach;£3

    There are no £3 fares for the date im going lol (23/5)

    As im going for the football at wembley, we want to get wembley earlyish (leave brum around 7/8am) and get the train/coach back around 8pm.

    Last time we went to wembley we got the megabus for around £8 each return. Il'd rather go by train this time though i think.

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    Cheers for the nationalexpress one. Seems decent for reasonable fares.


    just missed the £9 fares with ne finished few days ago, i forgot as well

    virgin trains from 4.50
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