Tips for new car insurance policy?

    Just got to redo my mums car insurance after they've doubled the monthly costs after a clean year with nothing new claimed last year.

    Are comparison sites the best to use like compare the market, I've heard that there was a ploy where they own part of companies they promote, is this still the case and if so should I just avoid them altogether?

    Any other advice would be brilliant.

    Ta everyone!


    Don't forget quidco and other cash back deals when looking at quotes. Although, I tend to get the quote with and without cashback just to see if it makes a difference!

    do a bit of comparason ans then ring your current insurer to match or better it. worked for me for mine and my son's car

    Good advice from mug51.

    Also look at putting an additional driver(s) on your Mum's insurance - someone in late 40's to late 50's with a clean licence and accident free, if possible.

    Also try to pay annually if you can, try different titles for your job - this can make a difference and fully comprehensive insurance is likely to be cheaper than 3rd party.

    Strip out all extras - e.g. Legal Expenses Cover - if you really want this it can be bought separate for around £10/year

    accidentally deleted my comment, but it went:

    There is no harm using comparison website, it does give a good indication of how much you should expect to pay and who are the cheapest. It may be tedious the first time round to enter all your details, but if you register, your quotes and details are saved, so next renewal it only takes a minute as you just need to tweak the details to keep them up to date.

    I use gocompare, and topcashback compare. Once you have your cheapest quote/s, go directly to the cheapest insurer and get a new quote and see if the price differs.
    Finally take a look at quidco/TCB and see how much you get from going through the comparison site and the insurer direct. Then compare the prices once cashback is factored in (cashback not always guaranteed though)

    There are some insurers that will not appear on comparison results like Aviva, direct line and Zurich, so you can get quote from them too.

    My routine: The renewals from the last few years have been good for me, they were the cheapest, so I didn't need to change insurer.
    This year however, my renewal came back at £220. Of the the comparison sites I use, gocompare had esure as the cheapest at £208. So i went direct to esure and got a quote, the price was now £195. Looking at quidco/TCB at the time, they offered £45 for esure. Before proceeding with esure, I gave my current insurer a chance to match it using their online messaging form, to my surprise they match the price after cashback, so £150 for the year. Although I do drive an old 1 litre car so that may have something to do with low premiums.

    Just renewed mine. Direct line was the cheapest so try them as they are not on the comparison sites.

    Insurance broker for me. As member of car club with modified car I've learnt long time ago that small broker companies you've never heard of will probably find you the best deal with insurer who is not included in big comparison websites.

    Try Chris Knott Insurance (give them a call - don't do online quote), Sky Insurance (no, it's not this Sky
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