Tips for Preserving a Carved Pumpkin

Found 21st Oct 2009
Preserving a Pumpkin

Applying Petroleum Jelly
Coat the cut edges with layer of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline). Use your finger on large openings, and a cotton swab to coat the tiny openings. This technique helps seal in the pumpkin's moisture. Otherwise, your design may shrivel up in a couple days. If you got lots of excess Vaseline on the front of the pumpkin, simply wipe off with a damp paper towel.

Storing In A Cool Place
When not on display, you can store your pumpkin in the refrigerator if you have the space. Like with all foods, the cold preserves. A cool basement or porch also works. If you decide to store your pumpkin outside to keep it cool, cover it at night with a sheet or towel to avoid a possible frost. And beware of outdoor critters that may try to eat your work of art.

Sealing With Plastic Wrap
Like with leftovers, covering your pumpkin in plastic wrap will seal in the moisture and keep it fresh. In combination with refrigeration, your carving should appear new for many days.

Soaking In Water
If you design does dry out, give it a long bath. Fill a clean garbage can or bathtub with cool water and let the pumpkin soak for a few hours. Your design will miraculously come back to life.

Fighting The Mold
While moisture keeps the design looking great, you'll eventually start growing the pumpkin's greatest enemy - mold. Spraying inside the pumpkin with a mixture of bleach and water will kill off these germs. You can also spray with Pumpkin Fresh, a liquid product which is earth-friendly and non-toxic.
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