TIPS for putting down laminate - any help appreciated


    Does anyone have any idea of actually doing it themselves?
    I'm no expert in DIY , but I have the motivation to try this and would like to0 do this by my self .

    I have a house that has composite floor over which a carpet ( plus underlay for carpet ) is present , so I would need tips on removing this ( do I just pull it up )?

    Any help would be helpfull as in what tools I need , methods on what to do , and what type of flooring / underlay would be good . Do i need to get a circular saw ? I want to get a good laminate and Ive been reading that this might be needed .

    I'm measuring up the rooms now , but they arn't big rooms and I'm looking to do my small sitting room first and then see how it goes .

    anyone ???


    Get a fitting kit with spacers.

    You also need a jigsaw, a pencil, a ruler, and a rubber mallet or hammer.

    Remember if you arent removing the skirting boards to get the laminate edging strips for all around the room, and the circular rose to cover the hole in the floor at the central heating (if you have pipes coming out of the floor)

    Now to lay it, you need to lay the planks along the widest length of the room ( not wall to wall, use the spacers in the fitting kit)

    PM me if you really get stuck, I layed my kitchen floor in solid wood and that was really hard to cut, so yours is gonna be a bit easier.

    I've just laid a tile floor and obtained all the equipment from Topps Tiles, they were very helpful and refunded any excess tiles and adhesives etc. (They also accept Tesco Clubcard vouchers) they also do Laminate flooring, they do a video at.....................

    but you can also check .......................

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    thanks all for the help rep given ...general alone - I hope yoo mean your promise as I might need it -

    dont use one pack at a time.. Open a few packs and work from those. Else you get the same effect close together.... if you know what i mean. stagger them like bricks!

    who uses a jigsaw for laminate? the boards are just a few inches wide

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    yes i was hoping to use the basic stuff and hopefully not having to fork out for electric equipment... jed .. could you expand on your point - i'm in thick mode at mo and i don't understand you


    who uses a jigsaw for laminate? the boards are just a few inches wide

    Yeah, my boards were like an inch thick, but still, why hack, when you can saw.

    the print on the boards can be the same from each box.... so you dont want boards with the same print on being all next to each other.. So you take one from one box.. Then the next board you lay will be from another box....

    I used a jigsaw simply because I had one.. I've used a normal saw too. Jigsaw is just easier. You'll have arm ache at the end of the day without one.

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    thanks jed , i get u now ....

    Sorry to hijack this thread,i already have laminate in the kitchen and wondered whether vinyl flooring could be laid directly on top of this,anyone know ?


    i laid laminate. regret it big time now as it just looks so cheap & nasty. Always use real wood if you can afford it.

    and never get the ones you have to glue. Takes twice as long as clip ones.

    Don't forget you will need the underlay (fibreboard) under the laminate.

    Piece of cake to do, I use a jigsaw too. As above get the click stuff and away you go. You'll be suprised how easy, quick and good it looks when done.

    Make sure the floor you are laying it on is fairly flat i.e no boards or nails lifting or loose.

    Sort out any squeaky boards before laying your laminate otherwise once down it will get on your nerves with no way of fixing them.

    get engineered wood floor.
    i went for karhs oak cornwall wasnt cheap but by far the best thing i ever spent money on.
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