Tips for wiping down a non washable jacket

    As above got a leather (well fake leather lol) jacket and its starting to chuck up a bit inside the jacket, i no on the tag it says it cant be washed in the machine, it only says wipe down (like with a sponge etc) but does anyone no what liquid i can use to wipe it down with

    would febreeze be ok or maybe some warm water and the same liquid i would put in the machine (didnt bother asking the missus - as i told her i new what i was doing and i dont


    put a little washing up liquid in the warm water (and i mean a little ..a drop about half the size of a 5p!!). wipe down the jacket, leave it to air( turn inside out and hang on coathanger) when its dry, use febreeze

    Good luck....hope u smell/feel fresh soon!!!!!!

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    Cheers for that added u some rep

    I find the best things are baby wipes! the cleaning agents within in them shift a lot of dirt and grime and you can always dampen them a lil more if theyre not wet enough

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    i should of added its not the outside thats dirty more the inside it has one of those insides that seems to make me sweat etc lol sorry

    I'm assuming it's more smelly then dirty?

    Might be an idea to sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda in the pockets ( make sure the pockets are dry) then leave overnight and hoover it all up.

    Then spray the rest of it with Febreeze.
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