Tips on getting Virgin Media bill down?

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Just wondering if anyone had any tips on getting our bill down for VMedia. We're currently on £70 or so which in my eyes is too high.

I understand there's the whole leaving thing but I'm sure they'll have cottoned onto this by now.

Even if it means a downgrade on our package.

What can everyone advise?

EDIT: Package is 150 VIVID, TV L and Anytime Phone. Been a customer for more than 10 years or so.
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The leaving trick will always work as they don’t want to lose your money to another company, you just say you want to cancel as it’s too expensive and that’s it.
If you are not bothered about phone then get a good IPTV £40 per year for all channels in hd even USA channels and just stick to VM BB

If you need the phone etc just ring and say the price isn't affordable anymore
get Iptv, drop all you channels to basic
I was in the same boat as you Monk, 18 months ago. I was a 10 year old loyal customer then they hit me with a surcharge I was unhappy with and I phoned up in a bad mood and cancelled. I really needed the broadband though so I phoned them up again after some advice on here and negotiated a bill that cut my payments in half.

Don't complain as I did, just tell them that your struggling to make payments so you'd like to leave. The operator won't try and coax you but they may put you through to disconnections (retentions). If they don't, don't worry. Leave it 2 weeks and if you haven't heard from them (as I didn't but I left in bad blood) phone them up saying you got a missed call from them. They will put you through to retentions and you can negotiate a better package.

As I left in poor standings I didn't get a great deal as others have done but I cancelled most of the services and just went for broadband, the basic TV package and line rental and saved £5 over the standard package. My deal was £35 PM but I've noticed it has crept up to £46 P/M since I negotiated.

My contract is up again in January and I'll be doing the same hoping at least for another £35 deal.

My daughter pays £9.99 for Netflix so we use that. I have a Firestick with Kodi but in all honesty I much prefer Netflix. The only thing I watch on the Firestick is the Walking Dead.
See what alternatives you have for broadband - if you live in an area where you can BT Infinity you are in a decent negotiating position. If you can only get basic broadband your position is weak and VM will know this.…ty/

As to phone I'm thinking of trying Vonage ......…ns/
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