Tips to saving battery power on Orange San Francisco phone...

    Hey, just got this phone - Figured this would be a good place to ask since its always on here!

    I have installed 2.2 froyo to get rid of all the rubbish on it to speed it up...

    Installed Advanced Task Killer Pro too

    Stopped any e-mail / facebook pushing (refreshing)

    Any other tips? Does changing screen brightness do anything?

    Also GMail seems to be always open when I open task manager, doesnt seem to be an option to stop this from opening?



    I Installed Advanced Task Killer Pro as well and my battery life dropped from around 2 days to 16 hours!!

    Don't enable push email, it checked the server every few seconds and runs the batt down very quickly.

    Don't worry about app being open, that's all they are, they're not doing anything. If you close them, they'll just open again within a few seconds. 2.2 is much better at managing them than 2.1.

    Long hold on screen to open menu. Select widgets and select power widget. Right hand button on power widget changes screen brighness. Deselect auto and set it to a comfortable level for you. Definately helps with battery life. Full days use never use more than 50 % of the charge using FB, internet, txt and calls.

    i never get 1 whole day, usuallyaround 15 hours (internet, email, sms, few calls and some game playing). someone needs to come up with a better battery for this device

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    I think Im just using it too much at the moment with me just getting it! Been playing on Angry Birds a lot which cant be good for the power!

    Get rid of the task killer for a start.
    Android doesn't work like a computer if an app is not active it doesnt use any system resources.

    Change screen awake time down to 15s
    Take the brightness down

    Use a condition control app such as Tasker or Locale (better IMO, what i use) to control when the data connection is on, wifi on etc. its brilliant.

    Get juicedefender it does stuff pike disables data while screen is turned off but is clever and dosnt turn it off if it is being used for a download etc
    It was tripling my battery life the other day

    Oh yeah and delete the taskiller

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    Really? I'm shocked by the task killer response, Will give it a go! I've put the power app on my home screen so I'm just turning the net on when needed today! See how it goes!

    I take it you have done the obvious turning off of gps, bluetooth or wireless if you don't use them?

    I have the powerbar widget on a separate screen to turn that stuff off and on as needed.

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    yeah everything is off now, looks like its running good so far but i havent been on it too much today! lovely phone it is!
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