Does anyone know how to squeeze a really good deal out of Tiscali (given that I'm also a new customer)?

    Many Thanks,


    DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Their "support"( and I use the term loosly ) use indian call centres with muppets staffing them!!
    I have had nothing but bother with their service. Multiple interrupts in service, poor ping....random disconnects.
    AWFUL !!!!
    Do yourself a favour and sign on with someone else.
    If you dont believe me check all the hype on the internet at the moment ...I wish I did...

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the warning Nerostone!!

    Same for AOL dont use them, now and again you might get belfast where there ok to speak to but 95% of the time you get the muppets in india who dont have a clue what there doing.
    It only just makes you more irate speaking to them, 6 times i had to go through the spelling of my name coz they couldnt understand

    its Necro....Nero big angry emperor fascinated with fire....hmmmmm....waitaminute
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