Tiscali and belkin wireless adsl router

Found 20th Feb 2007
anyone had any probs setting thers up? :whistling:
mine just conects for about 5 seconds then drops the connection :-(

any ideas greatly appreciated :-D

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My connects then keeps dropping the connection every 10 minutes got fed up with it and switched to a thompson speedtouch much better, Tiscali sell it on their broadband shop, sorry can't be anymore helpful.
chuf, tried mixed mode (802.11b & 802.11g) on the B0rklin (sorry seen too many of these screw up) it could be the software/firmware/hardware on the wireless client trying to connect to the router
thanks for the replies just unlocked my bt voyager so im gonna wang that on and if its the same problem God Help Tiscali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
belkin tbh are crap, got all mine running all on wireless (netgear), and never had a problem yet:thumbsup:
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