Found 3rd Jun 2008
Just checked tiscalis site unlimited broadband 8mb for 4.49 then £14.99 after 3 months.

why am i paying £17.99 a month for the same thing.

Are tiscali allowed to do this this?


because tiscali are pants thats why
can never connect and customer servces are non existent

You missed out the words "don't do" between 'tiscali' and 'broadband'

tiscali are pants

orange are pants too, they just hung up on me.

Original Poster

Dont get me wrong i used to have loads of problems with them. torrent was a nightmare. up to 8mb, real speed 6mb. and 20kb downloads on torrent. since i went rapid 660kb anytime between 11pm-6pm. Never had a problem since. just annoyed that they offewr the same service cheaper and charge exsisting customers more.

swap to a different service, phone up and threaten to move. you'll probably have to agree to a contract but they'll probably give you the lower price.

orange don't know what "ping" is!

As above, if your contract is up for renewal, then ask them why new customer's get a cheaper deal and that you are going to move elsewhere.

I am with Freedom2surf and have to say their customer service is fantastic, I called once as my broadband wasnt working(turned out it was because my Credit card had changed say payments hadnt come out), but while they were looking at my account, they said that I was paying too much and they could do it cheaper, they then also said it could be faster, they did both things and everything worked, without any prompting from myself.


edit: that said F2s were recently bought out by Tiscali, so things could go down hill rapidly

lots of different companies do similar for encentives to get new customers ... that's why it usually pays to change your provider every 12 months or so or whenever your contract runs out.

go to o2 if you can, brilliant.


I used to be tiscali(talktalk now ,free broadband) but when offers occured you could go to these on you home page and change.can you not do this now?


Just checked and you still can change your package,take a look.

I paid £17.99 for Toucan broadband only until last month.
Called to cancel and move to talk talk. They offered BT line rental paid, free week end and evening calls for £14.99 and three months free for a 12 month contract.
I get 6mb of the 8 most of the time
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