Tiscali Broadband - Mix Up or Scam?

Found 7th Aug 2009
Has anyone else come across this before?

To summarise things a lttle I called Tiscali on the 17th July to cancel my package. To induce me to stay for another 12 months and take a new package they promised me 3 months free service . The new package included free line rental (transfer from BT) and broadband upgraded from 2mb to 8mb at no price increase..

Th BT line transfer went through on the 3rd August (requested by Tiscali)

I put a complaint in with Tiscali because I was still getting 2mb and they now say there was no upgrade request.

I'm wondering whether it's a simple mix-up on the broadband speed increase or the whoe thing was a delliberate scam on their part.
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with tiscali there is hardly any difference in thier 2meg and 8 meg broadband. they have been found to be the slowest broadband provider in the country. whats more is their customer service is useless so good luck trying to sort this out. if not you are stuck with it and whats worse is that your line rental is now with them. the only way out of that is to go to bt or switch to virgin cable.
Cable is far faster and better. I would insist they change it though as they are in breach of their verbal agreement and I would threaten them with cancellation. Bt is better if you haven't got Cable..Good Luck
I'd push for the 8meg you were promised, they maybe record calls so you could ask them to check.

I'm with tiscali and have no complaints as its much cheaper than both bt and cable! Line rental is free so its only bb you pay for, even on special deals bt can't beat that. I only get 2meg but it is enough for surfing, and feels no slower than my dad's very expensive cable line!
I would say its not right being on Tiscali for 4 years now.(They dont make offers when you say your leaving tried several times in past.)
You might be just too far from the exchange and the line would work with maximum speed already .There would be no upgrade without other technology i.e. ADSL2+.Check whether you can get broadband from O2/Be or have a look at local availability of Cable providers as mentioned earlier .

I am used to have Tiscali and I couldn't complain really - relatively slow but reliable, still far better than Virgin ADSL ( awful experience ).I have currently O2 and it's good, very good
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Thanks for all the replies folks.

I can't get cable in my area.

I've had Tiscali for around 4 years and been quite happy - virtually no disconnections in all that time - but admittedly not the speediest.

They have checked my line and say I can get upto 8mb (should be 6+ according to the line check); however they are saying they have no record of the upgrade request...

I'll see what response I get from them today; but I'm not going to settle for anthing less than they promised on the phone as I had been thinking of moving to O2 anyway...

... I must admit I was stunned by their offer when the guy made it as I didn't expect it ;-)
My friend was on Tiscali before moving to BE (part of o2). I was shocked at the throughput he was getting on Tiscali, it was as if the exchange had been over-subscribed by about a billion people lol. There was only one or two hours in the average 24 hour day where he actually got any where near what he should of been getting in terms of speed.

Even then he requested help by technical support and they either played dumb, or were dumb, so after that I think he realised that he probably should migrate heh.

He gets about 12mb now with BE whereas with Tiscali he was lucky to get 1mb most of the time. His ping times which help him out for gaming dropped dramatically, it was quite shocking really just how bad his connection was before he migrated.

As the other poster said, there probably isn't much difference between 2mb and 8mb, I would usually disagree, but in this case.. It is probably true. I am not sure what has happened but if more customers are having the same issue as my friend had, then Tiscali do seem to be trying to flush themselves down the toilet.

There were so many offers for BE when he joined with cashback and quidco, I think he probably ended up saving a bit of money too. I think a lot of the offers are still available, so it might be worth a look.
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I spent an hour and a half on the phone to them - still not sure what's going on each department has a different story and only part of the picture...
They may still be giving me the promised discount deal; but otherwise it'll definitely be time to switch ISP.
I had the same problem with AOL and eventually 1 of them told me to switch of your router for 10 seconds and then see if you are getting faster speed as the upgrade had been activated but my router needed to be restarted to pick up the new connection speed
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I had the same problem with AOL and eventually 1 of them told me to … I had the same problem with AOL and eventually 1 of them told me to switch of your router for 10 seconds and then see if you are getting faster speed as the upgrade had been activated but my router needed to be restarted to pick up the new connection speed

I wish it was that simple - they called me back Saturday, but could only advise I contact retensions again on Monday :roll:
Everyone I speak to seems like they want to help but are always saying things like "it's on another computer system that I can't access"
I'll update this after Monday
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I forgot to update - my original upgrade request had been 'accidentally' cancelled by their system and they can't touch my account until 30days have passed :roll: So they have given me a free month of service and will call me sometime in September. Meanwhile I'll decide whether to go with O2 or another alternative ;-)
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