Tiscali internet any good?...

    ... I was looking up and its seems the cheapest (£15 pm) unlimited broadband is from tiscali. It's a 12 month contract and supposed to be 8mb... think there is also £30 quidco for signing up. Anyone had any experience with them before - good or bad?



    It'll only ever be upto to 8meg, no ADSL supplier can guarantee you a speed (unless your on a fixed 1/2, 1, 2meg circuit)

    Im not sure about Tiscali but Sky is great & its free is you have TV with them 2.

    Sorry to not be much help!!

    Try Be Internet Tariffs...

    For me,Tiscali is good,had only once no internet for 2 days in 2 years,but got compensation of £10. Customer services are worst i have seen :x,lucky dont have to call them any more.


    Im not sure about Tiscali but Sky is great & its free is you have TV with … Im not sure about Tiscali but Sky is great & its free is you have TV with them 2.Sorry to not be much help!!

    you will need sky talk soon to get it free

    *From 1.3.09, Sky Broadband Base, Mid and Max will increase by £5 per month unless you have Sky Talk. Sky Talk pricing and call rates may vary, current rates can be found at…alk.

    They are good for me to when every thing works.
    I needed to call customer services about the whereabouts of my free router and agree with Rimi, they are bad. I believe they are based in India. I had great problems trying to understand them.

    I supose they are much like anyone else really, if it's working, they are good, if it breaks, they are rubbish.
    I have been with them for several years and only once was I not able to get on the internet. That lasted for less than 1 hour.

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    Thanks for all the replys - will have a think about it. Any more experiences from people?

    Only time I had a problem was when i moved house. CS guys in India were less than rubbish but I ended up calling a sales number in the UK and they sorted everything out for me ok.
    Never have a problem getting connected and I'm on a £19.99 package where anytime UK calls are included - not sure if you can still get this package though.

    im with tiscali and have been for the last 3 months,been very good,was with plusnet before who were undercutting me with there broadband speeds,as soon as i moved to tiscali i went went from 1.8 to 2.7 with tiscali,also i dl alot and tiscali never slow me down unlike plusnet who heavily restricted my speeds if i went over the monthly usage.

    i was with tiscali for 2 months,only had connection for 2 days
    it all depends on where you live.the remote areas dont get any connections

    I have been with them since they took over World Online, never had any probs and quite quick,customer service is rubbish as they don't speak English, just learn the answers from scripted questions.Tried the phone package once bt no good for me as mobiles are very expensive.......... Have the £5 that you speak of, not the cheapest but very good reliability.

    You wont do much better than £20 a month for an up to 24Mb broadband including line rental and free weekend calls to 01, 02 & 03 numbers and 10 popular international destinations. So try the utility warehouse, even a well known consumer mag rates them as the UKs best supplier, but you wont find them on any "switch" web site.

    Been with them since they took over Tiny. About 6+ years, I think.

    Xcellent BroadBand, never had any problems, but like every1 else said, rubbish Customer Service.
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