Tiscali price reduction if you threaten to leave

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Found 5th Dec 2008
don't know if this is in right place -but couldn't find anywhere better so guess so...

I am on a 14.99 a month tiscali broadband package

just rang them and told them that Orange were offering me 7.99 a month for the same thing so I said I was leaving them and that I wanted my "MAC" code... they said they would match it - no new contract... simply a price drop of 7 quid a month, just for asking.... why not.... give it a go.... here's the number.... local rate too... not their silly 0871 number!!!!!

0845 0774488


Hi, thanks, I will give it a try in the morning.

They all do it, i get 10MB with VM for 2.50 a month.

0845 is the same as 0871 :roll:

Time to dump AOL methinks its been **** lately anyway :?

They never asked us to stay with them only changed last week!

Im supposed to be on there £19.99 package, only Ive been paying £31 for the last year. Ive threatened them Id call the regulators and they keep promising to sort it out, but dont. I hate them something chronic.

have you got the free line rental aswell as i pay £19.99 a mth for the tv free wkend calls broadband and line rental

Be wary if your going to Tiscali though and use either 360 or PS3. Over the last couple of weeks they have implemented something or other which more or less kills the option of using live Marketplace etc during peak times. Ive just cancelled my service with them last week. When they asked why i was leaving, they didnt offer anything to me, because they know there are going to be loads of disgruntled people with this issue.

Why would you want to stay with them, they are disgusting, unethical, thieving *******s?


When you agree any new deal with Tiscali, especially, through retentions, you are risking being charged much more than what is agreed on the phone.

Tiscali retentions are very good at setting you up a fab deal only for you to notice on your bill that they're charging you the top price

The hassle you will go through with this is not worth it

I would strongly advise against dealing with Tiscali
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