Tiscali & Talk Talk: 0845 / 0870 numbers: bit of a con?

    Can someone here clarify what the heck is going on with talk talks broadband + line rental "free calls" include?

    Was with Tiscali, now talk talk. Was paying £20 with free line rental and anytime calls, now paying £22 (still on 8meg + it wont let me upgrage to 24meg either) but I was told in their letters, and on their website I could now call 0845 & 0870 numbers for free.

    Well BS! I call shenangans!

    One of their ads says "Unlimited, anytime calls to all UK landlines (including 0870/0845 numbers)" it doesnt state anything else to obtain these free calls, it implies its part of the package (and why wouldnt it be?)

    Ive looked back on my last few statements to reveal I am paying full whack for all my 0845 calls. Mother bleeping bleeps.

    Looking into why Im now paying for something that should have been free, looks like to get free 0845/0870 calls, you have to "opt in" to get them. Nice, Not.

    No-one told me this! I want my money back!

    Holy Jebus. Wheres Mof when you need him?


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    So they can bump up my price to suit their packages but not give me the benefits they told me about in their letters? Ideal, get the life raft ready, Im jumping ship!

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    I wish more companies did this stealth "opt in" lark.

    When you buy a car, you pays your money, get in your nice new car then realise you had to "opt in" to get the wheels.
    Why do I feel like that bloke who bought the dead parrot from this very boutique?

    Be aware that these numbers are only available free out with prime time hours eg after 19.00 weekdays (changed from 18.00), & after noon on a Saturday
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