Tiscali TV vs. BT Vision


A friend of mine wants a combined broadband/internet/tv thing and is tossing up Tiscali TV and BT Vision. Anyone got either and would you recommend/not?

Any good deals on either out there?



I got BTvision and am very happy with it , the recorder is very good aswell :thumbsup:

Tiscali is an awful ISP, BT are quite good but CS is meant to be bad.

My parents were paying for an 8 meg service for 2 years but I found out the entire time they had a 1 meg profile due to the line stats so they were getting ripped off and they lost it for days at a time.

They went to BT and less than a week alter they had 3 meg solid with no drop outs.

None.........., Go for SKY:whistling:

I find BT Vision pretty good if what you are looking for is effectively Freeview with Knobs on..............If you watch lots of TV the £14.99 package for 2 packages + replay is pretty good value and they throw in ESPN with that as well!

In the last year I have found they have ironed out most of the problems it had a launch and is now very reliable.

If you get it during January I think you get the new 160gb lower energy black box free.

Biggest fault - Downloading Pay per view HD films takes an age and you pretty much have to do it over night!

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thanks for the info, looks like tiscali might be a non starter!.. I guess he can get bt vision with the 80 quidco!
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