Posted 29th Nov 2022
A few years back I bought an Xbox One which came with the original Titanfall game in the form of download codes. Fast forward and I then had it installed on my Series X, but chose to remove it to make space for other games.

I downloaded it once again and then Microsoft announced it was leaving Gamepass and the MS store and then suddenly I couldn't access the game even though I had originally paid for it with my Xbox one purchase. Is there anything I can do by contacting Microsoft?
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    It should still show in your library on your console. Even if it's been delisted from the store you can usually still download it through your library
    I think this is the right answer since I can't find FH3 on the store to install (another delisted game) but if I go into my library I can find the game there and it gives the option to install
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    Have you actually tried contacting Microsoft to see if they can resolve the issue for you?

    Surely it would have made sense to try contacting Microsoft first before posting on here asking if anyone knows if anything you can do by contacting Microsoft?
    This. Contact them and try to speak to someone directly in real time. Be polite and explain the situation in full. They should hopefully credit your account with the game if it isn't there already, either because it's policy or it's just the right thing to do.
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    To be honest I'd just buy a copy in Cex no more than £2 is it worth the hassle for a couple of quid?
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    Yeah it sucks, but this is the future when it comes to digital content - you don't own it you lease it. When it's no longer profitable the server will get switched off and you will no longer be able to play it! It's happen to a lot of games in my inventory (Ghostbusters, WWE and most recently Overwatch - I was really annoyed as I paid extra to unlock skins and mods for the Bastion character only to find that not only can I no longer play Overwatch, but the character was removed from Overwatch 2!)
    Servers going offline is not exclusive to digital content.
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    Mine is still available, and I can download and play
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    The digital version of the game was delisted from the Xbox store last year.
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    Good news is you can still play it as the servers are still online and you can get a lot of DLC for free now!48880794-eSH4I.jpg
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    If you have had it installed before it will be in your library
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    It's in my game Microsoft games library, but won't download to console for whatever reason.

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