TiVo Uk Series 1

    Anyone else have an original TiVo and paid for the "Lifetime Subscription"? Just found out that they are dropping the EPG update which means that they're "bricking" the box! Disgrace.


    Gave mine to my mother a while back.
    When are they dropping it?

    Service stops in June 1, 2011.…/uk

    Various people are working on providing a replacement free EPG but only for TiVo's fitted with a network card (either Turbnet or CacheCard). Register at the forum to follow their progress.

    Any comeback for them dropping the service?
    Doubtful, but you never know.


    Any comeback for them dropping the service?

    Apparently the extra-fine print in the terms & conditions allow them to drop the service with 30 days notice.

    I can't remember ever seeing any terms & conditions (it was all done over the phone with no paperwork) so I can't personally confirm this.
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