Tivo with Network Card - TivoWeb - Help needed

    ANybody here got one of these perhaps?

    I need to find out how to set up remote usage and file transfer.




    My God!!!! A UK community based for TiVo users? How did I find that?

    You should try [url][/url] I hear it's going to be "the next big thing" on the internet.

    As you have network access to it, then you need to install TiVoWeb / (Or TiVoWebPlus)

    You can access the TiVo to install the above by FTP, usual place to install is /var/hack/TivoWebPlus. Once installed telnet into Tivo and change to above directory and type "./tivoweb" to startup the server.

    After that you can access your Tivo from a browser window. I'd recommend you search for and install 'hackman' into TivoWebPlus and then use that to configure the start up scripts to autoload TivoWebPlus on a system reboot.

    PM me if you need any further details, or visit ]"http//ti…m/" for some great advice....


    This thread has reminded me that I really need to get a TiVo image and new hard drive to replace the failed one in my Tivo!
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