TK-57 or Core2Duo?

    Hey, wondering what the primary differences are with these processors.

    I am after a laptop c, I like battery life, photoshop elements, internet and office. Which is the best?!


    Core2Duos are probably one of the best processors available for home pc's.

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    Im talking about laptops. I know the C2D are amongst the best, but is there a viable reason?

    Well I meant home computers in general but the same goes for laptops. They are very good on battery life and they don't generate as much heat as previous processors.

    athlon is better for desktop
    C2D is still better for laptop for its power consumption

    AMD Turion is better.

    Core2Duo by a million miles. They have more performance per clock, more on board cache, higher clock speeds, better power management, 45nm production process.

    In short there is not one advantage for AMD in the notebook sector. Core2Duo has better performance, less heat, less power consumption, better battery life.

    AMD Turon's are about 3 years behind the current Core2Duo lineup. Only get one if they are incredibly cheap, and I mean incredibly!!
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