Tme taken to port a number twice ?

Posted 28th Nov
Hi my wife is with the mobile provider Plusnet on a rolling contract, and is not for moving provider.
My question is: if she wanted to switch to a 12 month deal (with Plusnet) and get Quidco would she need to port her number to a PAYG Sim and then port back?
Can anyone give me an estimated time it would take to leave and return to the same mobile provider. Thank you.
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Yes to get Quidco, just takes a day or just over a day for each switch depending on when you do the switch for it to be done. Did one with virgin at 5pm on Monday, switched over at 8.30 the following day.
I just ported out of 3. Went to smarty. It worked out great.

• Bought the smarty sim on Monday.
• £17 for one month of 100GB data, unlimited minutes and texts with £16.50 cashback through TCB (has tracked).
• Sim arrived Tuesday.
• Put the port request in at 4.30pm.
• Wednesday afternoon, number had fully transferred over to smarty and it's all fine and dandy. With smarty they take the 1 month payment upfront so you don't have to give any notice.

Now I'm just waiting for a cracking deal and I'll port over to a permanent contract.

In the meantime I'm happy with my 50p for 100GB deal.

*I'm saying my and I because it's easier for explanation purposes but I actually did it all for my brother*
In addition to the above post, if I wanted to port back out I would have requested and submitted the PAC on Wednesday and it would have ported out the next day.

And if you've already got a pay as you go sim then I would expect it to go like this:

1. Port out request submitted Monday
2. Ports out Tuesday
3. PAC and port out request submitted Tuesday
4. Port out Wednesday.
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