TMNT on the wii console good or sh**?

    im tempted to buy teenage mutant ninja turtles for the wii has any one played it and what they think to it....

    im torn between this,super monkey ball,red steel or sonic but im really favouring towards TMNT as i think it looks great but i dont wanna buy it tho if its crap:giggle:


    Not got the others however have Sonic and love it.....

    Sonic can be had for £20 (deal somewhere on here), so I'd go with that.
    TMNT doesn't look too good...
    Red Steel lasts about 8 hours and isn't all that fun - it's extremely bland with very little innovation.
    Super Monkey Ball I have heard is a fairly good game, but not brilliant. Difficult controls apparently, and too difficult after a few levels due to low top speed.

    Overall I'd say Sonic.
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