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Found 3rd Jan 2008
I have a t mobile contract for 18months and am 5 months in to my contract and my nokia n95 has started showing the bug of insert sim card and sim card registration failed.

i have been wanting to leave t mobile but i don't know how much it would cost to leave a contact 18mnths long 5 months down the line?

or to change from 18 months flex t to 12 months flex t and just move to a different provider all together.

has any one tried or done this and what are the costs?
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why cant you just take the phone back an have it replaced? surely its still got 7 months left of its 12 months warranty? if t-mobile wont help have a look on nokia's website and find your nearest service centre.
great northern road Aberdeen but it says car phone warehouse.

but i got my phone online at t mobile will that matter
have you phoned t-mobile up? i had problems a while ago when i was on 3 they used to courier the phone away and bring it back a few days later. id phone them up it shouldnt matter that you bought it online its still got a 12 month guarantee provided you havnt damaged it in any way.
if you got the phone from T-mobile they will replace it but it will be like for like which generally means you'll get a reconditioned model.

If you try and canx your agreement you'll have to pay the remainder of your contract so effectivly 7 X you monthly line rental.

I doubt you'll be able to move from an 18 month contract to a 12 month one
Yip will cost you quite a bit to pay off you line rental:x as i am t mobile as well and hate them..... ring 150 of your phone and they will be able to tell you exactly how much.. its a free call

ps i THINK that the car phone warehouse will buy you out of your contract after 12 months
I bought a Vario2 on T Mobile December before last and had nothing but problems. Currently on my 4th phone and that doesnt work properly either. (People call me but despite the phone being in a good strength area, my phone doesnt ring and they just get a single ring then nothing.)

Thier customer support is absolutely pants. It took over 4 months to get a replacement out of them - and they lied through their teeth saying they had sent a pre-paid bag to post to them. (That happened 5 times.)

I would rather support Ars*nal than get another T-Mobile contract.

Luckily, this phone is warranteed for 2 years. I think I might take it back to the store and make a scene!!! God I hate T-Mobile! I'll be porting out on the first day I can.
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