Tmobile upgrade advice!

    Morning people!

    Looking for some advice... i had my tmobile upgrade this morning.. so rang up and asked them what they could offer me. This lady offered me a deal which sounded pretty good to me! So i thought i would enquire with a friend and then go for it... told her that i would ring back in a few minutes. Anyways... i told my mate about he agreed that it was a good deal... now heres where the problem starts... i ring back tmobile and they say that theers no way that i can have that deal! But they did acknowledge that the deal was offered as it is logged into their system. Apparently it was the customer service department that offered me the deal not the upgrades department (even though i went through the option to be put through to the upgrades department.)

    Do i have a leg to stand on here? if they offered me something do they have to stick to it? Basically is it worth speaking to a supervisor etc? or would tat just be a waste of time...

    Thanks for any advice!!


    With call centres what offers you get quite often depend on who you speak to tbh. I'd call back and ask for it to be honored, the next person might agree to it. If not, just ask to be put thru to cancellations (i.e. retentions), explain what happened and take it from there.

    What was the deal just out of interest?

    Something similar happened with Orange with me... they eventually gave me the deal originally offered

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    Yeah i did ring back and spoke with another person again.. he agreed that it couldn't be offered... he emailed the supervisor and i am waiting on his call now.

    the deals is 100 cross networks minutes, 100 texts n unlimited tmobile to tmobile calls for £15 per month (24 month contract). Plus a htc desire if i pay £150. Since im going to give the sim card to my dad to use.. the minutes would be enough.. i just want the phone to be honest.

    that's not that goood is it?

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    nopeee! i jst want the phone and wanna stay on a £15 contract... but apparently they can only gimme the desire on a 30pm contract.

    Having a quick look at the website, the lowest they do is £25pm, 300mins 300txts, unlimited internet plus £340 for the phone. So if you do get it for £150 on a £15pm tariff, you're doing no' bad......

    phoning up and website are two different things, i've been due an upgrade for a few months now and online options are horrific.

    £40 and an 18 month contract for a tocco lite.... no thanks

    OP your deal doesn't sound great to me.

    Phone retentions and tell them you are leaving (have a competitors offer as a counter) they should offer something better than they have done.
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    Its all in the timing.
    I got a sony satio refurb 24 month deal
    100 mins
    100 txts
    unlimited surfing Ha 1 gb limit
    £10.00 a month
    The first pohne had a screen like it had benn used by torvill and dean to skate on.
    Next phone was mint IE brand new At the time second hand ones were £300.00 ish on ebay etc.
    So bide your time and look on here every day.
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    I rang retentions and got £5 per months 100 mins, 100 texts and unlimited internet plus a Nokia C6 (not a great phone I know) but for free so perfect for my son
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