TNS - Anyone heard of it?

    Hi all

    The missus has just recieived an 'invitation' from TNS. It is basically a scheme where they send you a scanner and you have to scan all your shopping (when you are at home) and connect to your phone line for the info to be sent. In return they send you vouchers.

    The website is

    We are use to getting junk through the door (on a daily basis!) but this looks pretty legit.

    Anyone here done it? Should she do it?

    Thanks guys and gals



    I done something like this that was run by TNS, I had a little hand held scanner, I had to scan the barcodes of our shopping and upload it each week. In return I had vouchers. It was good. :thumbsup:

    I do this you just scan anything you buy and send your reciepts to them (they send you envelopes n that) and in return you get points which you can exchange for vouchers, i've been doing it for about 7 months and I've earnt £30 Thorntons vouchers and £10 argos, and to be honest i don't scan my shopping all the time because when I've come back from shopping with the 2 kids i don't feel like it !! But as long as you do it quite regulary they seem ok with it !

    Im currently doing surveys with TNS through Nectar - very good! :thumbsup: Im sure its legit as the TNS logo is the same as on Nectar - go for it!

    my gf has the scanner from TNS. got it the other week. shopping comes, she scans it, transmits it on sunday. thats it. easy. of course you only get about £1 worth of points a week.

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    Thanks for all your replies guys I really do appreciate it :thumbsup: Im going to join her up.
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