To all the men out there, turn on countdown...

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Found 22nd Sep 2009
My god that lady has a nice bottom, in that very very tight dress.
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dam at work lol

dam at work lol

Me too :x
Indeed she does
now that is desperate fellas

you cant so me things like that at work lol :oops:
Damn she fine :w00t:
Actually that picture makes her look hotter than she is...

now that is desperate fellas

lol , but she is a very nice lady and inteligent to lol
the dress is a bit too tight!

now that is desperate fellas

9 letter word, well done :thumbsup:
Get a Job

Get a Job

My mum taught her at A-Level.
You mean Carol Vorderman not in it anymore? Oh dears
DAMN! I'll give her a big one and a couple of small ones anyday!

Thank you Thank you and again Thank you !!

This should become a daily post.... just to check what she's wearing each day.

Does she ever drop a consonant.... ?
Be interesting to see the ratings in a day or two.
now i dont normally condone this sort of thing :roll: but ]wow wee ! :w00t:
who do i complain to about this thread :x as its turned me into a stalker ]Rachel Riley :w00t:
Original Poster Banned
She is unbelievable, and I thought Carol was amazing.
gosh almighty
She's hot now! At first i wasnt too sure, but she's doing it for me this week anyway : P
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