To all those who helped my with my dissertation research - (Online Music Promotion)

    Mods suspended my thread, due to me asking for an e-mail address of those that they could be contacted to view what their answers contributed. Mods said HUKD was not to be used as a self marketing tool...

    Anway, I'm not here to moan. Its just that I've yet to give those people who helped any rep. I have a list of the names from that thread so save me the effort and tell me you done it and I will give to you here on this thread.

    A Promise is a promise!

    Thanks again people.


    I did it...but dont deserve the rep cos i stole your idea and did one myself...although only 1 person did mine

    u prob have my name down as one who did but i didnt really, just said it for the lols....sorry

    if you need more doing, PM me.

    Ditto the above, happy to help... hope you got all the info you needed before the thread was removed?


    im just here for the rep

    DangerGod...aren't you bothered about having your email addy up?

    why are peopel bothered about the email address being given out ...... as long as its a web addy e.g. yahoo, hotmal gmail etc then you might get some spam not the end of the world :lol:

    dunno lol....just seems, well, not really required. Only interested, I think it would get annoying, random people talking to me via msn thats all


    im just here for the rep

    mee too !!:thumbsup:

    I went to do it, but couldn't bring myself to lie about my age so had to leave it.

    happy to have helped, had wondered what had happened to the thread, now I know.x

    im here for the rep 2!

    Hope, you got what you needed before it was removed:thumbsup:

    I did it but didn't actually add my email address at the end?


    I did it but didn't actually add my email address at the end?

    Same as me

    I was too old to fill in the first question!

    pm if u need it doing..i saw it but then it was gone.

    happy to help!

    I did it too, was happy to help
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