To all women....

    Quick question for you all.....

    Would you rater have A or B ?

    A - Platimum diamond ring 0.5 ct

    B - White Gold diamond ring 0.75 ct

    What would suit you better, a more expensive metal, or bigger diamond ?




    bigger diamond...

    personaly A but I don't like anything that's gold. plus my granddad used to work with plattinum, so I would choose platinum for that reason

    acctualy scrap all that it depends on the setting of the ring, lol


    bigger diamond...

    but what if the setting of the bigger diamond wasn't all that great?

    Play safe............give her the money to buy her own. :giggle:

    Play even safer, bank the money, out the woman

    A, cos i'm a bloke and I can destroy a gold ring in NO time ;-)

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    It's for a lady - solitaire cut.

    Both are exactly the same, just the diamond size & metal different

    bigger diamond for me, but only if it is obvious, if not go for platinum.

    only go bigger if the diamond doesn't look fake.

    Do you have any photos?

    Bigger diamond,definitely!

    When you or someone else gazes upon the ring it is not the metal that is noticed but the stone.:)

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    deffinetly platinum. white gold ends up costing more in the long run as you have to keep on getting it dipped.

    the bigger the diamond the more fake it looks


    the bigger the diamond the more fake it looks

    Sorry that is rubbish!

    A quality diamond has a lustre like no other,whatever the size!


    Sorry that is rubbish!A quality diamond has a lustre like no … Sorry that is rubbish!A quality diamond has a lustre like no other,whatever the size!

    i'm just not a fan of big diamonds, i think bog diamonds look fake. understated is way better

    Quality not quanity! I would prefer A :thumbsup:

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    So then, thats a 50:50 split, thanks for that lol


    So then, thats a 50:50 split, thanks for that lol:)

    What did you expect?:w00t:

    That we women would all be in agreement!:whistling: :giggle:

    The ring in the photo looks fab,

    I'm sure you'll get it right which ever you choose? (platinum)

    I think what this thread proves is that it all depends on the lady and her personal tastes.You need to consider what she would prefer and what would suit her most.

    As some have said,they feel that a smaller stone has an understated quality.When I was younger I would have agreed,but I now feel that I could carry off a larger stone,that it would not look ridiculous on my hand.

    0.75ct is not a mahoosive stone(significant enough,however) and a 0.5ct is still a nice size.The quality of the stone IS important,though,this is what you shopuld consider imo:)

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    Thanks for the feedback

    She'd be happy with a £1 one out of a vending machine, so I can't ask her.........I know, I'll ask her mum !!!

    why don't you get her to help you choose? after all it's somthing she will be wearing.

    The ring in the picture is lovely, she will be happy whatever the choice you make.

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    I'm going for the bigger diamond, and paying abit extra for a better quality, whiter diamond.

    I'll post up a pic when I'm fully decided - thanks for all the feedback

    B: go for the big diamond, definitely. my wedding ring is white gold and 5 years old - still looks great. and it's the diamond that's the important bit, not the band ...

    imo, a 0.5carat diamond can look a bit small (especially when compared to a 0.75 one). a 0.75 one still isn't too 'bling' - it wont make her look like a rapper or anything :-)

    ... and, if you get a platinum engagement ring, you'll have to fork out for a platinum wedding ring, or the 2 metals will be incompatible (the platinum will wear away the gold). so it'll work out cheaper to go for option B


    i know if it was me i would want to choose the ring i would "hopefully" be wearing forever, but we are all different

    Something I find amusing about white gold Vs. platinum. Both are often (usually?) plated in rhodium to give the high shine finish anyway. So what you actually see on the finger is rhodium. Of course, as rhodium costs up to 8x as much as gold, you're probably increasing it's value with that thin layer anyway

    Failing, "go spend your money on strippers and booze", I'd go for the bigger diamond. Though, when the market eventually collapses, you'll regret it

    i would choose B

    bigger diamond. :thumbsup: I wouldn't know the difference between white gold and platinum but i would see a bigger diamond.

    I'd go for the bigger diamond too :thumbsup:

    Choice A.


    Go for the big rock honey

    Scoot down to either Hatton garden or the jewellery quarter in Birmingham, You will get a great deal, I got a 1.25 carat, solitaire platinum ring, for about £2000 less than high street prices.

    nah git yourself one these blud...

    and tha missus this

    (I jest btw)

    Any clues in the rest of the jewellery she owns as to which she would prefer?


    He can't remember, he pawned them.

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    She has a load of white gold stuff, hates yellow gold - I was just thinking Platinum as it's a better metal

    If I get her one of these I wont need to take a few days off to go xmas shopping - sorted

    love the ring was that the pic of platnium or white gold, personally i only wear white gold and would be a bit uncertain about putting platnium next to white gold (if she wears other white gold rings in her finger) go bigger stone she is obviously happy with white gold as she already wears it and the size of the stone as people have already mentioned is what people look at - AGAIN FAB RING SHE WILL LOVE IT

    Get the bigger rock - women don't admire metal quality its rock size all the way!!!

    I always think that the skin tone defines what looks good or cheap on some one, I'm pale and gold looks fake/cheap on me where as silver looks nicer - Coz i've just been on holliday and have a tan the silver and gold look good,
    obv when i say silver - for this case platinum, x

    :santa: I'd rather have the bigger diamond.
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