To anyone who lives in or knows Chester

Found 8th Jan 2008
Decided to move there, have seen some lovely flats, but heard theres quite a few rough areas, one student place was in Moss Bank, other was in Gladstone Avenue, both beautiful.

Any other nice places that are cheapish to live in.

Could got to the halls fully catered 3 meals a day and internet and bills included for £115 a week.
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Steer clear of Blacon, not the best place in the world to live !!!!
[SIZE="5"]It's not all like Hollyoaks y'know Ryouga!!?!?[/SIZE]

I know that hollyoaks is filmed in Childwall.

Besides one of my lecturers works for Hollyoaks so I know lol

Its not about the babes, its about living somewhere which is beautiful and not depressing lol
my friends are at uni in chester so i will ask them if they can help ya out with where would be good to live
Really? small world. Chesters a beautiful place much better than Warrington
i dont know what either of these places are like but i will try to find out some info for tomorrow
I was born in Chester & lived there for the best ( well worst) part of 30 years & to be honest I should have left years ago.

It used to be a nice town but it is now a mix of expensive over-priced shops full of tat and expensive, over-priced bars & restaurants.All catering for stuck up call-centre staff who call themselves Finance executives.

there are rough areas- Blacon as previously stated, Lache etc but these are no worse than in any other large town/city. The main problem is drunk tramps/lairy students that hang around the town centre. See past them & you might go out at night!!

If you are attending the Uni in the Garden Lane area then this is the 'studentsville' - full of scruffys & hollyoaks wannabees.

Personally, I would move to Liverpool or Manchester - better nightlife, real people & cheaper cost of living.

And in the case of Liverpool, a better football team in red of course.

By the way, I managed to emigrate to Cornwall from Chester 4 years ago- my heart rate is now a lot lower.
Good Luck

Yeah I did hear that its rough in town centre at night, heard you never should go out in evening on own, as a girl I know said a girl she knows was jumped by 16 people walking back to the uni.

Still Im the sort of person who likes nice scenery. I dont drink cept maybe twice a month The Cathederal there was stunning as was the shops in town.

Hollyoaks wannabes are everywhere doesnt matter where in the UK you are I constantly see young lads with spiked hair and "designer" stubble and wearing jeans that dont fit with massive belts that hang etc

And girls with loads of make up on, massive earrings etc.

I dont want to live in a massive city like Manchester or Liverpool just an average sized one lol.

Yeah I did hear that its rough in town centre at night, heard you never … Yeah I did hear that its rough in town centre at night, heard you never should go out in evening on own, as a girl I know said a girl she knows was jumped by 16 people walking back to the uni.

Don't always take chinese whispers seriously, at some point someone swaps it for something sexual and someone (I) then has to answer the "What was the phrase?" question. I wouldn't be surprised if it was 16 pigeons after that experience. But couldn't help but wonder if these 16 people were a group, or individual muggers that just slowy congregated? On a serious note... I hope they were ok.
I've lived 3 miles outside of Chester for 24 years now, yes the town centre is dodgy at night, apparetnly Liverpool is safer as it is better policed.

As previously stated steer clear of Blacon and Lache but really its no different than any other big city.

There is lots of student accommodation in Liverpool Road area where you feel out of place if you are over 21!
Some good news! found a student place for £69 a week including bills called Bovery Street or something similar, inc wireless internet gas electric, has a living room with widescreen tv.
Nice one. Its actually Bouverie Street which is in the Garden Lane area of town, about 3 mins walk from the main uni campus. Think loads of terraced houses, a spar,launderette, iffy pubs & a load of students/oaps/weirdos & you've got the place sussed.

oh yeah- and a smelly canal.

A couple of good places worth looking up nearby- The Ship Victory pub- on Gorse Stacks- by the Mecca Bingo/Tescos - a nice little friendly pub if you like a drink,

Sealand Road chippy- chips, fish, onion rings to die for- much better than the chinese place on garden Lane.

Dont bother with any of the nightclubs/late bars unless you have to or want to out of curiosity. All rough, full of idiots and/or druggies and all pretty soul-less.

I have heard the student uni bar is pretty lively most nights though.

Good luck!!

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