To buy DVD recorder or dvd player ? guidance

    I have got around 20-25 Mini DV cassettes which is lying without converting to Cd's. I tried using through my PC with my old USB connection but the quality of the picture was so pure i just left it. Now that I was thinking of buying a DVD player i had a doubt to whether it is a good idea to go for a DVD recorder where in i can play the dvd's and even convert my Mini DV's. Few queries
    My idea was to play my mini dvd through camcorder to TV and then connect dvd player through HDMI to TV and record it.
    some of the recorders show they have upcaling 1080 does that mean when writing my minidv to DVD's will it upscale and then write.
    Can anyone throw some more light on this aspect please.


    In order to get specific advice you should state what equipment you have and what connections on everything.

    General things

    1. You really want to be putting the material onto DVDs rather that Cd's as you will use way too many Cd's and/or have very low quality video.

    2. If capturing dv onto a PC you would be best to use fire-wire or usb2. The video is digital so any copy should be as good as the original as long as you don't drop any frames, which will result in a jerky picture rather than poor quality overall.

    3. How is your camcorder connected to the TV? If its through an av lead then you will never raise the quality back up again no matter what you do after that. If it through hdmi then it suggest your camcorder is hd and should have fire-wire that would capture to your PC. You can pick up a fire-wire card for PC very cheaply

    4. Is you PC up to capturing hd and dealing with it. I would need to be only a couple of years old and fairly good spec.

    5. As far as I am aware upscaling is a crude process that only works when playing to a output. It fakes a better picture by clever trick of guessing what a pixel between two others would look like and adding it in. It will have no effect in terms of recording a better quality DVD.

    I hope some of this is helpful. However If you want some more help from more experienced people I would suggest asking on this forum…php together with details of your setup.

    My dad has been using and converting video since the 80's and always gets help from this site.:thumbsup:

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    thanks Plum for the gr8 advice
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