To Buy or not to Buy....

    I'm after a new telly for Xmas.Was interested by the Panasonic42PX70 at around £750 posted on 25.11.07.Do you think I should buy now (the deal runs out on Xmas eve) or will there be better prices in the sales?
    I realise it's all conjecture but you guys seem to know what your talking about.I'd be grateful for your opinions before this deal expires.


    I say if you like it and you are willing to pay that money for it then why not, go for what you know. I think that would actually be a good purchase. 700 isn't bad at all.

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    I'd just hate to see it drop another £100 or so just after Xmas.:x

    I bought a 42" Panny in October last year thinking the same thing, but the price didn't get any better for months after Christmas.

    Buy it, you know you want to.

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    We are wanting to buy a 32" for the kitchen don't know whether to hold out until after Christmas - is it likely to be any cheaper in the January sales?

    Bit of a gamble! :santa:
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