to buy or not to buy a laptop now????????

Found 24th Oct 2006
hi, guys i need to buy a laptop pretty soon, i wanna speend aropund £400 if a bit over then i may consider it but depends how goods it is, the question is should i buy now or wait till the vista releases, i really dont no wht to do???:-( can anyone suggest anything???????
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You may have already read this, but i have been asking a very similar question here:
if it helps!
depends on whether you need the laptop now or whether it can wait a while.

also depends on whether you're the type of person who likes to use something new! vista will not have had its bugs ironed out, and you will have to relearn how to use the operating system. i won't be using vista for at least year, while i wait for the patches etc. and probably will get it once 1 or 2 service packs have been released.

that way i'll have a more stable OS environment.

hope that helps
Vista is also going to be a major strain on the average laptop with integrated graphic chips, so you may find yourself out of your budget even if you do want a laptop with Vista.
Good point - I don't think you'll get a laptop that handles vista well enough to do anything useful on it for £400
or maybe wait till vista is released then buy an older one hoping that it be cheaper because of the larger demand for vista?
ill buy a laptop now then, so can anyone reccomend?and also can you tell me what i should look for in a laptop?

ill buy a laptop now then, so can anyone reccomend?and also can you tell … ill buy a laptop now then, so can anyone reccomend?and also can you tell me what i should look for in a laptop?

People often ask this "vague" question and the answer is that it really depends on what you want it to do.

What do you propose to use the laptop for?

Is it a "desktop replacement" or a "portable" laptop? this will have implications for screen size.

What kind of software do you want it to handle?

Do you want to watch DVDs? Do you want to be able to burn to DVDs?

Do you need network / WIFI / bluetooth?

These are some of the things I'd need to know before recommending you one.

If you want, PM me a description of the kind of laptop you're after and I'll see what I can find for you online.

in my house i only have one desktop pc, now my family use the computer more often and i wanted to get somthing portable, so i decided to go for a laptop, i want, dvd player, in the laptop, good size memory, etc. but iim not sure to buy now or wait till the christmas sales?
if you do decide you want one now, as i said let me know (pm me) and give me a bit more of an idea what you want from the laptop and ill do my best to help you
With this vista coming out this means all the older laptops with pretty good specs will start coming down in price fast, I reckon the older ones will be 30-35% cheaper in jan or feb

Just like plamsa tv's when HD came out every place are trying to sell the old ones cheap to make way for newer hd ready stock
possibly but i think a lot will be rebranded and sold with vista instead of xp
im still confused shall i buy now or wait till chrismas,???????????????
Laptop prices may not necessarily drop - it all comes down to component prices and at the moment they're on the rise.
yeh, but wht shall i do buy it now? or wait
There is no 'yes or no' answer to your question!
It depends what you want from it and if you can find exactly what you want now at what you think is a good price then buy!
phil did u notice the thread about pc world giving free upgrade to vista if you buy a laptop or pc over £399.99??????
seems good now i need to find a decent spec one for £450 in pc world
yes, saw this.
Rang comet to see if they were doing the same (as i want the Acer 5102Wlmi from them) but they are not.
Not too worried though as for this budget, i dont think that you will be getting much more from Vista than XP.
Also saw this dual core Advent at comet , you can get it for £499 if you use the £50 dicount code in 'vouchers'.

theres a 10% discount code aswell you know
the 10% one doesnt seem to work anymore, says its expired.
Going to go for the Acer from Comet...
kl, tell me how it is when you get it.
E Buyer have Happy hour deals on the 1st Nov.
See this Laptop, great if your on a budget, not bad spec either
See the full product review here

AMD Turion ML 32 1.8GHz Processor
60 GB Hard Drive
DVD Dual Layer Drive - To read DVDs and CDs and write CDs, DVD+, DVD- and large Dual Layer DVD
15.4" WXGA Widescreen TFT with CrystalBrite Technology
Integrated gigabit LAN
Integrated wireless 802.11 b/g LAN
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Pre Loaded
1 year warranty

Take a look:)
hi guys i found this laptop, is it any good. ebuyer.com/cus…785
Tis fairly good for the price.. AMD Sempron 3500 in the Celeron M bracket in terms of power.. not going to be lightning fast but should be reasonably energy efficient. Fingerprint reader allways nice but not key.
256kb cache is low but most AMDs are like that.
Dual layer writer is great, as is card reader, XGA screen perfectly adequete.
Xp pro is great
Ebuyer customer service can be a pain though.. so should it break down be prepared for many hours on hold.
Won't handle Vista Aero though if you ever want to upgrade.
Well worth adding another 512mb RAM on this.. easy enough to do.

Reasonably light too.. not too bad for carrying.

One thing to note though is the heat a sempron 3500 can generate; will feel reasonably hot on your lap after a while. and it may need a replacement heat sink eventually. Not a huge problem though if ya dont mind a little extra warmth.
with this cold, warmth may be helpfull :giggle:

Go through quidco have a look at the merchants and see who gives the best cashback, could also have some vouchers on hotdeals. May get a good bargain.
Only 1.5% on ebuyer ^ but hey six quid is six quid. No generic vouchers around atm... have been eyeing a desktop on there for a while lol.

Edit; Dont forget to check greasy palm, the mutual (shares for using them rather than cash but can work out to a fair bit!), or even shop.com as someone suggsted a lil while ago.
I bought a laptop for £24.50 on monday, does hardly anything lol im looking for old floppy games etc if i find any, could be a good little gadget lol

£6 seems nothing when spending £400 but when spending £10 its 60%, so £6 can be a lot lol
wht about that accer laptop on comet. is that any good? and whihch one whould i go for the accer or hp or any other, i want the price to be no more than £500 prefere it to be lower.
id go for this one if you want to spend around 500.. duo would have my vote

hi, guys now i really need the laptop first i wasnt sure now i am, the accer laptop looks good but the battery life is poor is there any more laptops around that price and specs but has a longer battery life?
You can pick up some decent spec Acer laptops from Comet with Media Centre Edition (these include free upgrade to Vista).

Take a look at the Comet site.
checkd none in that price range beside the one already posted
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