To debrand, or not to debrand a SE K800i?

    I just got my SE K800i unlocked from the Vodafone network. I'm now aware however, that I can also get the phone debranded. I'm not sure if I want to do this though. Is debranding simply about asthetic benefit? I've also read comments that suggest that debranding can affect the functionality of the phone. Please share your experience regarding phone debranding and how to do it should that be the way forward. Thanks.


    basically, when you turn your phone on it'll just boot up as a 'sim free' SE phone.

    Nothing about vodafone will come up.

    also on voda handsets, the red/green call keys will become the internet and activity menu keys when you debrand it

    Has anyone got a guide on how to do this and a link to the latest unbranded firmware?

    It wouldn't necessarily bother me if my phone had branding on, although if you were to use it on a different network you may want to de-brand (as there may be vodafone functions on the phone which don't function properly any more?) or if you were going to sell it you might want to de-brand it.

    ]Here is a guide i wrote on MSE

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    [SIZE="2"]Thanks for the replys. I think I'll wait till I need to debrand (because of compromised functionalty issues caused by inserting non-vodafone sims for example). I can live with a Vodafone logo popping up from time to time. Thanks again, Windhoek.:thumbsup:[/SIZE]
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