To Fire or not to Fire?

    Considering getting one of those Fire tablets. Mainly for casual reading of the free and cheap Kindle stuff that Boz often comes up with. Plus I'm trying Prime for a month and I'm pretty impressed, so that would open up plenty of reading I think as you get access to the Kindle library, yes?

    I've just dusted off my ancient Advent Vega tablet and have stuck the Kindle app on it just to see if I can get used to it. Currently just use my Kobo for my reading, but that is for ePub stuff.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated.



    If it's mainly for reading you want an e-ink dedicated e-reader. Much better resin angles and better in sunlight also fantastic battery life. I tend to charge my Kindle a couple I times a month at most.

    I'd get an e-reader for reading and a tablet for other media but not one for both.

    If you want pixels the size of golfballs then go for it aha.

    Download Calibre. You can then put any book on any device.

    I have a Fire HDX tablet which I use all the time for web browsing etc, and I absolutely love it, but for reading I have a kindle e-reader. Probably just my preference to have a less white background to read against, and I've had the e-reader much longer as well.

    I use to get apps as I find Amazon's store a wee bit lacking in some of the apps I want. Of course you can sideload Google play store apps if need be.

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    Thanks for the comments folks:

    As I said, I already have an e-ink Kobo which suits my needs for reading the vast amount of ePub stuff I have. I use Calibre already but don't see the need to buy a Kindle e-ink while the Kobo (although battered and bruised) is still soldiering on. As for golfball size pixels, my eyeballs are nearly 50 years old so that is less of an issue to me than to some. Interesting about apkforkindle. It was really just to get an idea as to whether a cheap Fire would be much different for my needs than the daft old Vega provides?

    Anyway, thanks for your help.


    We got one of the kindle fire tablets that was on offer at Xmas for my son, and i hate it. The interface amazon uses is awful and the tablet struggles to most of the most basic tasks such as web browsing etc.

    I've also read books on tablets and they make my eyes very tired very quickly, unlike the e-ink book readers. Personally i would steer clear and maybe look to buy a 2nd hand kindle which would be a much better experience for reading.

    With Amazon prime you can only borrow 1 book a month.. Not suitable for me as I go through 3 -5 a month so I've got kindle unlimited.

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    Ahh, I didn't realise there was a one per month limit. I think you've all managed to talk me out of one of these. I'll stick with my Kobo.

    **EDIT** Actually I've just jumped on a (magenta) Fire HD 6 for less than £30 from the Amazon warehouse. If nothing else it's a cheap tablet for the bairn to play with if it doesn't suit me. Cheers for all the advice.
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    So my Fire HD 6 arrived today. Okay, it is pink.... but now sits snugly inside a dark blue leather-ish look case I got for a couple of quid. I've gone over it with a fine toothed comb and found one tiny blemish near the rear camera. Everything else is perfect, so I reckon I got quite the bargain for (currently) £60 less than retail..... Oh, and it is supposed to be one "with offers" but I haven't seen any yet....

    Cheers all.
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