to give away - 3 CD wow vouchers

    A £1 voucher, A £2 voucher, and a £3 voucher. Please reply if you want it and are actually going to use it, one per person


    Ooh sorry have just checked in more detail, and these are the terms:

    The £3 voucher must be used on a game from here:…803

    The £2 voucher must be used on a cd or dvd from here:…804

    The £1 voucher can be used on anything. Please let me know if you'd still like them!
    - ppsamlancs



    please can i have the £3 voucher?

    Original Poster Banned

    Speedy! Sure will pm it you now

    Is there a minimum spend? please can i have the £2 voucher please

    i'd use the £2 voucher, would come in handy

    cheers mate

    EDIT: ooh someone got in before me. fair play!

    ill have the £1 voucher if no one else wants it then? insanity can have it if wants cause did say first. thanks gijimmy

    Original Poster Banned

    Have updated the first post, please read and let me know if you still want them - hadnt checked the terms!

    Deffinately will use it. Simpsons season nine me thinks:)

    Original Poster Banned

    Message sent

    Received, many thanks. :thumbsup: rep added

    ill let someone else have it then - there is my good dead!:whistling:
    rep added for being nice anyway!

    Original Poster Banned

    GIJimmy, I was just waiting to see if insanity says they want it, if not, you can have it yeah

    Moved to misc forum, please do not post in FS forum unless you are selling something, thanks
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