To Mr.HUKD

    Thanks for the 3 day suspension, I finally discovered fresh air. The issue was that you suspended me for ignoring mod directions. Apparently my location being changed to ... was a clear instruction not to do it again and would never have been mistaken for it not being saved properly by me. I hear the mods talk about fairness and consistency, how this and that must always be kept the same and fair. Upon seeing VB1 promoting his competition a little while back in his avi and location, I recalled previous comments from mods telling me that 'everything must be kept consistent' that this must be ok. Seems not

    ahem you HUKD



    Original Poster Banned

    black gerbil1;8728545


    New material ?


    Not especially wanting to wash your dirty linnen in public ryman1000, although it appears you want to
    If you have an axe to grind regarding why we wont let you use HUKD to promote your own website in your avatar; your location; your homepage; tinyurls etc then it would be better to use the "contact us" link and discuss this with admin.
    BTW I like your new avatar - it shows a certain level of intelligent maturity that I wasn't aware you had achieved
    (No doubt you will change it to something more suitable before I can locate that suspension button on my laptop)

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