To Reset Estimated Reading Time on your Kindle Device

    To reset your Kindle reading time, fire up your Kindle and open a book. Head to the search box, which you would normally use to search for words or phrases in the book, and type the following case sensitive command:


    Your Kindle will perform a search but won’t find anything. Press the Back button to head back to your book and you’ll now notice in the lower left corner that your reading time statistics have been reset and that the Kindle is now “(re)learning reading speed.” After a few pages of a normal reading, the stats will update with new estimated times based on your current pace.

    While this is helpful for getting rid of those anomalous incidents where you left the Kindle open for a long time without turning any pages, it can also be useful if you’re loaning your Kindle to a friend or family member. By resetting the reading statistics, you’ll give the other reader more accurate data for their own usage.

    Thought this may help someone as mine was constantly saying '1 minute until end of chapter' when I was at the start of one


    I'll try that as the estimate I get isnt particularly useful. The bigger problem is my paper white skips pages (a lot of pages). Sometimes I don't realise for a few pages. I've tried a hard reset a couple days ago so hope that helps.
    Yes it works on paperwhite 2 ?
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    Didn't work on mines.

    I use the app on Android and the most irritating thing has got to be that page flip. I 'll press the page to check the time at the top of the screen and it throws me back several hundred pages to a random point. No idea how to get rid of it

    Original Poster


    Didn't work on mines.

    Hi David, it worked on mine but you must type the semi colon first then type ReadingTimeReset exactly as it's caps sensitive

    Hope this image also helps][img][/url]gif image hosting[/img]
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