to those who drink alcohol and are gluten free

Found 12th Jul 2013
Are VK alcopops gluten free? cant find a straight answer through google.
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Sorry Jack, I don't know the answer to your question, but on the small amount of knowledge I do have about how those 'alcopops' are made I would say you'd be better of avoiding them.
My brother is gluten intolerant and has spent years looking into what goes into foodstuffs/drinks.
Generally speaking the usual distilling process removes all traces of gluten - even if a grain spirit is used.
More of a problem could be the 'sugars' and the 'flavourings' - even people who aren't celiacs can have an allergic reaction to some of these things.

Nevertheless, most alcopops are safe enough for gluten intolerant people so you should be okay in that respect, whether alcopops is a good choice for anyone to drink is quite another matter.

Here's a link to a fairly well written report

Here's an interesting link discussing VK…621

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I would also check these have no aspartame in (or as it also known E951), in these, as many people who have gluten intolerant, Crones and IBS (and other bowel compliments) have problems with this "artificial sweeter" and can cause similar symptoms and irritation to the bowel.
I would contact the company and ask them. While you at it tell them to make them stronger!
Ok thanks guys, ill stick with the plain bulmers.

Ok thanks guys, ill stick with the plain bulmers.

Be careful Jack; alcohol and hot weather is not a great combination, but on the other hand two or three ice cold drinks over a warm evening can be a super way of 'chillaxing' (wow, hark at me talking like a young thing X) 'chillaxing' ha ), but seriously - it's important to chill and relax.
Hope you have a good time, God bless.

This looks worth a try
Sorry Jack; tried to show you the Bulmers pressed red grape cider but the link puts you on the whole page.

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