To wonder why Americans have perfect white teeth ???

Found 15th Nov 2016
A bit random but l've been wondering for a while why all Americans seem to have amazing white perfect teeth ? Even the lower income ones on MTV documentaries? Anyone else noticed this ? I'd kill for teeth like that !!!
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Bleach and post production
If this is a deal for implants I'll have some
as said bleach, braces loads of money.
They all wear dentures
Coconut Oil & Baking Soda Paste
Reason I notice is l need a lot of work done but can't afford it so I notice people's teeth and Americans teeth are all like of an episode of TOWIE lol
They brush their teeth?.
they all use aldi s finest tooth paste twice a day
We all have buck teeth, talk posh and walk like John Cleese....
Wonder why Americans have perfect white teeth
Your teeth are like stars - they come out at night X)

They brush their teeth?.

Yep I brush my teeth but they've always been very weak and like many people I can't afford a a few crowns at £200 plus a time .
A tooth's natural.colour isn't white.
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They take dental care seriously from a young age.

I repeat whats wrong with British teeth?

Omg!!!! Bloody hell I need a bit done but nothing like that !!!!
Because of the programs you're watching, you're only seeing the ones with nice teeth. America as a whole has worse dental health than us.

I repeat whats wrong with British teeth?

​have you set this question up, just to use them?

HOTUKDEALS has shares in Dental Surgery

It's reappeared.

Getting bored of my comments and/or edits going in for moderation now.
Where straight teeth in your mouth
Are more important than the words
That come out of it- Television, the Drug of the Nation
The US version of Photoshop has a "good teeth" setting
You not seen early Tom cruise films ? You buy white teeth in America
Drink far less tea (less tannins), lower smoking rates, broadly better level of dental care from early age. Plus availability of OTC whitening products that are stronger than we can get here.
In America they have ALL of their healthy teeth pulled out and implants ( false teeth screwed into their jaw bone ) all done on the same day !!.

What wrong with British teeth?

Bloody hell! I knew Kerry Katona had had some issues but ..
Thinking OP watches too much TV (reality shows etc) and fashion media and thinks "that's the norm"
IMHO some will spend £k's to have the "perfect look" but no personality to go with it and others just don't give a monkeys left armpit how they look in the mirror (Walmart shopper)

But we have those types of people here too !!
They seem to be more into prevention. I hear they have their wisdom teeth surgically extracted before they can grow into bigger teeth and mess up all their other teeth. Knowing how painful mine were, I think it might be a good idea.

We seem to be more, if it's isn't black and it doesn't make you feel like you're going to die, lets leave it alone.
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I repeat whats wrong with British teeth?

Were they extras in the Walking Dead???
Teeth whitening is a big thing over there. Not so much here. Anyone on telly, even over here, will have had their teeth whitened
FLOURIDE is added to the water in the USA where it isn't here.

FLOURIDE is added to the water in the USA where it isn't here.

Flouride is added to tap water in some parts of the UK.
It's mostly veneers. Just like the rest of the image Americans like to project to the world: manipulated and a facade, covering the decay and disease but not actually addressing the 'root' causes (_;)
As many others have said above, it's just people being obsessed with appearance. Teeth aren't naturally white, yet media says they should be, so Americans strive for it.

Flouride is added to tap water in some parts of the UK.

Should be the whole of the UK.
Its a poison and too much discolours teeth.

Soon you will need to match a colour chart before you are allowed on British tv too, but generally teeth whitening is seen as dandyish. They aint spost to be white anyway.
I wouldn't say Steve Buscemi was known for his perfect teeth.
The Big Book of British Smiles!:D…p_M

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